60 Ideas for Europe

Kyoto, Bali, etc. are international agreements that have in common the fact that the world is boycotted by a small number of countries.

The EU is the only supranational structure in the world able to show the way with environmental taxation, therefore the EU should implement taxation on fields like kerosene for planes traveling from, to or through Europe.

Same as happened with the REACH legislation, if the EU starts a trend the other countries will have to adapt which will bring a global change.

If the EU is serious about climate change we have to be the first to use instruments like supranational taxation.

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  1. I agree that the E.U should set an example in actions to help the environment. BUT its actions in forcing members` Governments, in our case that of the U.K. to limit the subsidise the Gov`t provides for Post offices and / or Sub Postoffices,(2500 of which it requires to be closed in Britain), is sheer stupidity and hypocrital. The post office structure is the life blood of many communities, especially rural ones. Closing these offices will increase global warming by forcing many thiousands, if not millions of people to have to use their cars to travel into towns to get to a Post office. This is not only the case in villages but also in towns and cities. For example in Hereford on of two outlyinf Sub postoffices will be made to close in May. If it is mine I will have to use my car, pay a parking fee and although hjandicapped, have to walk to the already very busy Crown office and stand (very painful) in a queue to wait attention. Thi interference in the life of our country is madness and damaging to the environment. C.N.Burkett

  2. Of course, sanctions are always welcomed to prevent abuses.
    Still, taxations are used more to solve the budget deficite in different fields or to increase it, than to solve the climate for example.
    As climate change puts all of us in danger, I think that the first measure would have to forbide those activities that are very poluting and the next one to restricte the activity of the other(less poluting) under a certain level.

    If we just raise taxes, that will not help the climate at all.

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