60 Ideas for Europe

The EU produces legislation and takes decisions that affect all Europeans. However it is a big body without a head. This plays against the European project. It is important that the people identify who is executing decisions at EU level; hence it is important that the European Commission takes the shape of a government.

With the Lisbon reform treaty, more powers are given to the European Parliament and the rotating presidency of the European Council will come to an end. With this change in the balance of powers, it is important that the European Commission becomes political. This implies bringing democracy into the selection procedure of accountability in its actions.

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  1. Any kind of guvernance reduce our freedom. We have already guvernance at local level, regional level, national level and European level. If you could make all these a single one, I would be very glad. I would be able to solve my business easier with more freedom. Otherwise, I will always be played among all these forms of guvernances.
    Make one of all these, no matter how it will be called, and I will thank you a lot.

  2. In the short run, the opportunities offered by the current treaties should be used to bring practices in line with the EU’s professed democratic values. Likewise, the new possibilities opening up through the Lisbon Treaty, as called for by the Who do I call? initiative:


    In the long run, further reform is necessary to get rid of the European Union’s embarrassing ‘managed democracy’ which undermines the EU’s credibility as an exporter of democratic values.

  3. I agree with others who have pointed out that the Commission needs first to be made democratically accountable. Or else it needs to be replaced by an institution that is.

  4. The Commission cannot become democratically accountable as the European peoples are not a ‘demos’.

    This is a fundamental prerequisite of democracy (hence its inclusion in the word!).

    This is the fundamental truth that those trying to build a European State without a single European people are ignoring – very dangerously for peace and stability on our continent.

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