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I am Irina Pashkovskaya, Ph.D. in Law & Master of Laws, Senior Research Fellow, Center for Euro-Atlantic Security, Scientific Coordination Council for International Studies, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

I would like to post my idea of Building the United Europe of the Future Without a Dividing Line Between the European Union and Russia.

Now in both – the European Union and Russia – there is no evidence of a clear and profound understanding of the reality of how we are not only needed, but are even indispensable to each other.

I am convinced that the EU-Russian relations could be fruitful and of value to the both sides. At the same time I am sure that a positive change in the EU-Russian relations is impossible without creating a huge theoretical basis for their foundation. I have no doubt that common EU-Russian efforts could contribute to the developing these new fundamentals for an absolutely different – positive – attitude between the European Union and Russia.

That is why I have conceived an EU-Russian joint publication under the title “What do we mean to each other?” with the authors of essays being the leading EU and Russian politicians and theorists who would really make impetus to the forming of a new relationship of mutual trust and understanding between the European Union and Russia.

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  1. Very good idea,

    We need to create a common political structure with Russia, a kind of United Europe, for the future of our planet.

    I emphasize that I have proposed, on this blog, the “euroclippers” project which intends to develop navigation for youngsters, as crew, aboard tall ships, along Europe’s coasts, ocean voyages, and around the world:


    Russia has wonderful tall ships as Mir, Sedov, Kruzenshtern, and could be very interested in such a project because it could develop cooperation between European and Russian universities.

    This would be a major step toward more links between Europe and Russia.
    Jean-Charles Duboc


  2. Nice idea. Unfortunately, in recent years Russia has moved significantly away from European values. How many examples do you want?

    Democracy: see Electoral fraud, repression of opposition
    Human rights: see war crimes against Chechens
    Freedom of the press: see killing of journalists
    International peace: See aggression against Estonian websites, and problems with Georgia
    Common Market: see dispute over Polish meat export ban

    I’m afraid any pro-Russian moves by the EU – particularly in the energy arena – will just undermine the promotion of our values.

    One day Russia may join the EU (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enlargement_of_the_European_Union#Russia) or have some kind of political association. But I can’t see it being possible or desirable in the near future.

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