60 Ideas for Europe


Much done; many new ideas to find and turn into reality…

There are likely to be “telethon” events in your country as there are in the UK. In the UK we have Comic Relief, Children in Need, Sports Relief and maybe some less regular ones.

Would it be beneficial to have a European “telethon” event to raise funds for good causes at home and abroad: in each member state; acroos all members states; and beyond Europe (e.g. in Africa, South America and Asia)?

From a UK perspective there are now a few times Europeans sit down and watch roughly the same thing at roughly the same time on the TV: Satellite TV [e.g. Eurosport, MTV, American mini-series (e.g. Friends), etc]; the news; the Euro Lottery; the Eurovision Dance Contest; Classical music concerts (e.g. Vienna on New Year’s Day); the Eurovision song Contest.

But am not conscious of a multi-national “telethon”. Could one be organised? Would World Vision, Oxfam and other foundations and charities join in? Would it be a good focus, and point of “common reference”, for people living and working across European borders? Could it explain subsidiarity?

Would it be a good way to emphasise the personal social responsibility of European citizens (to complement corporate social responsibility & government social responsibility)?

Would it be a good response to the OECD report commented on in this article from the UK’s Financial Times (4 April 2008)?


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