60 Ideas for Europe

Exploration and Peace

We have the European Space Agency a research centre is one of the example that man – womankind migrating from Africa inhabiting different continents still wants to explore. It is often hard for ESA to maintain honest research driven by curiosity and look for possible benefits space might bring us and to keep it away from possible military use or abuse. It would be could that ESA openly promotes research with peaceful meanings and protects (how hard it might be) these finding from falling in the wrong hands. ESA as on organisation could press other space research centre for a space research peace charter in which they promoting research that is beneficially constructive and not destructive! Further more the institution could be exemplary for other European and non-European science institutions.

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  1. Yes, ESA could be something like the United Federation Of Planets, the entire humankind, joined in peace and harmony reaching for stars..

  2. Good Idea,

    But you have to know that Dr. Claude Poher, who has been at the head of several European space programs, succeed to produce, in his laboratory, artificial gravity:


    This discovery is now public and has been presented to the National Press Club in Washington CD, on November 12, 2007:


    The discovery of Dr. Claude Poher is the solution to the energy dead-end of Europe because it will generate FREE ENERGY, in fact unlimited and non-polluting energy.

    Jean-Charles Duboc

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