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Sustainable Diplomacy

The E.U intentionally or not proved that economical development and peace go hand in hand ending ages of wars and poverty. Thought all is not perfect and to improve relations between countries and continents the E.U. could promote a new kind of diplomacy in which 19th century strategic and often nationalistic thinking is abandoned by an innovative relation and representation approach. The idea is not only how does one prevents conflict but how does one eliminate as much as possible all kinds of suffering and possible disasters. Diplomacy where long-term benefits are to be gained and where maintaining an approach in which the mutual benefits and one party – group benefits do not contradict. Individualism as contrary to nationalism could be compatible if the will is there to bring to an understanding that his or her existence and future depends on the existence and future of a common shared world including the existence of other individuals. If each individual helps avoiding and abandon suffering of all kinds, the common will avoid that he or her suffers too. Sustainable diplomacy should indeed try to provide fundaments and rules in which the world becomes a win-win situation. The E.U with all it’s knowledge could bring alive an idea of diplomatic relations that will make a step forward to a place where citizens could say we learned from the past to make the present the real great fasinating human adventure.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more, individuals need to begin taking diplomacy into their own hands. We represent our countries and our countries represent us, so let’s all begin being diplomatic in our interactions with others.

  2. Yes indeed but this means a total change of world political culture. It might be good to start discussing this in a acedemic environment first.

  3. Sounds Naive, but on the other hand it might be a useful aproach to start with. It is a base to work on. Dilpomats back to the European University of a Sustainble world.

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