60 Ideas for Europe

CAP Reform

CAP must deliver environmental outcomes

The CAP is the most important European policy influencing how people manage their land. Some reform of the CAP has taken place. This has decoupled payments from production, generated and increased funding for rural development measures, and introduced basic environmental standards across most farms.

However wildlife habitats and the quality of our landscapes continue to be threatened along with our soil and water resources. CAP costs the average family of four 950 Euros a year, of which only 20 Euros contributes to environmental schemes. Given the scale of the environmental threat facing Europe, the Woodland Trust believes more funding should be diverted into rural development schemes in the short term. In the longer term we would like to see an overhauling the current two pillar system of support and replacing it with a single fund for sustainable land management.

In partnership with UK Wildlife and Countryside Link, the Woodland Trust calls for more radical reform in land management policies to:

? Protect and restore our wildlife and habitats
? Protect and enhance our historic environment, landscapes and woodland
? Ensure the sustainable use of our limited water and soil resources
? Help mitigate and adapt to the challenges arising from climate change; and
? Ensure the secure and sustainable production of animal welfare and friendly food and other commodities.

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