60 Ideas for Europe

In our 27 countries, before any parliament elections, parties are issuing campaign documents, saying who they are, what they want for the country, how they intend to do it. Then people make their mind and vote accordingly.
Did we ever see such a campaign going on for the European elections ? Never. Very often, these elections are handled at national level and we are not sure that what is said is mirroring the European level. More often, European elections are a field for national issues which do not have to be carried at this level. The result of this behaviour is very confusing for the voters, and would explain why they are not very interested in European votes and politics.
I suggest the following changes :
** each European party issues a program at European level (what they do intend to do and how). Candidates should agree and undersign such program (ensure that candidates are not only following their national party).
** each European party supports its own candidates using its own colors, motto and spelling (clarify who we vote for).
** each European party clarifies the position of any national party vis-a-vis their own commitments and if necessary, publishes any disagreement.
** candidates only presented by national parties and elected should be left outside any parliamentary groups (clarify which political position takes a parliamentary group)

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  1. I agree as long as these European politician are in thouch with all kinds of peoples living in Europe. ex: From the Sami in the North till the Gypsies in Romania. The must embrace all kinds and have a genral idea of who’s European population is.

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