60 Ideas for Europe

An exercise could be that European citizens one day hold a big conference on how they would like the constitution of Europe to look like. They could invite all kinds of experts have debates and workgroups and in the end vote a constitution. Citizen could be randomly selected thought making sure that all kinds of individual are represented and indeed every member state. The outcome could then be prepared to the Lisbon treaty. It would be a tremendous experience to see how politician would react on it.

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  1. I subscribe.I would like a very thin booklet with a few chapters.
    The first of it I would like to be dedicated to LIFE as value, to the European citizens as a real value, and to common sense as the best rule for “live and let live”.
    Then I would like to see a very short and clear structure of each European institution and their functionality.
    Further I would like to see the connection between EU institutions and E citizen, in other words, how and what EU does for the citizens.
    Last I would also want to see the commitment of EU institutions for any complaint received from citizens. So far, if one address a request to EU institutions(to some of them because I wouldn’t like to generalize), will receive a formal answer saying something like that: “we understand the situation…we are sorry…unfortunately we cannot do anything…you could address to….”.

    I would like to see an EU Constitution in which EU institutions are able to do everything for their citizens.

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