60 Ideas for Europe

CAP is out of date

European agriculture is characterised by a massive overproduction each year, hence the so called “lakes of wine/milk” which are so often referred to. For instance, billions of liters of wine are not sold each year, especially in France, Italy or Spain and yet the CAP still pays for wine makers to produce as much. Since the Agenda 2000 decisions, taken in 1999, overproduction in the wine sector has decreased a little.
Despite the major opposition of countries like France, a country which receives the biggest part of CAP subventions, a better system has to be found. The CAP backs the massive overproduction witnessed in the E.U, flooding markets with products which won’t be sold or used.
I think that a certain amount of what is produced by E.U agriculture should be bought from farmers by CAP money, and sent to countries or regions in the world which need it the most. Countries like Moldova, at the gates of Europe, have one of the poorest population in the world, they could use our not needed agriculture products. Or some should be given to U.N programmes(HCR etc) or NGOs!

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