60 Ideas for Europe

From the beginning the aim of the European project was peace through integration. Today, as the EU is about many other things, it is clear to anyone that the project has been a great success, not only in terms of peace, but also in terms of prosperity and social equality. This is not to say that we do not have any challenges left to overcome, but peace through integration has been, and continues to be, a great success.

Having removed the risk of war and other security risks from within the EU, focus has, to some degree, with the development of the Common Foreign and Security policy, been shifted to countries outside the EU. As European citizens we must work together, with each other as well as with our neighbours, to secure peace and prosperity in our neighbouring regions. We must do this for our own sake, but equally for the sake of those peoples who live under less privileged conditions in our ‘back yard’.

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  1. Common Foreign and Security policy, what Common Foreign and Security policy? Has there ever been a consensus among EU countries in matters of international concern? Was there a consensus about Irak? About Kosovo? I don’t think that EU countries will be able to get over national interest and I don’t think EU policies aim at maintaining peace in the world. The best example is Kosovo, a phantom state, led by war criminals and drug and flesh traffickers and that got the support of most of the EU states. On what legal ground did they take such decision? Any decision to remove a part of the territory of a sovereign state must have the agreement of the state concerned. And why do they not apply the same principle to Kurdistan, where a whole people is deprived of its rights and repressed by the Turkish authorities? Why some states are allowed to lead a nationalistic and repressive policy whereas others are mutilated for the sake of minority rights? Wake up, “making peace worlwide” are just nice words.

  2. i just want to say that I dont have anything against the Kurdish people and I want them to have their rights but I dont know on what grounds can you say like that about Kosovo. What the world has done until now about kosovo is a holy thing. Kosovo if you dont know much about it is not a state that is being run by criminals but a state that is going to build peace in all the region. what is more you asked on what ground they took the decision. I can tell you that Kosovo was never part of Serbia and is never going to be so its population can decide whhat they want to do nobody else. So i can say that european union ig working really good an institution that we are proud of.

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