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The New Borders of Health

That immigration is a part of our society is a fact. The opening of borders and the admission of new countries like members of the European Community have supposed a considerable flow of “new” citizens with same obligations but not always with same rights that “old” Europeans. These citizens have been an economic and social revolution for the host countries, being a fundamental base in our economy. Nevertheless, from some sectors are commented the bad effects added to this mobility: increase of the delinquency, marginality and, although less named but equal of important, the effects on the health. Many sanitary sectors warn of the resurgence of diseases concerned from the built-in countries: tuberculosis and VIH between most outstanding.
The reality is that most of the immigrants who arrive at our countries are young and healthy people, who do not suppose any risk for the public health of the host country, but who become ill when arriving at it. Are they a threat for our health or are we for theirs? The few studies on the matter speak clear: the quality of life and health of the immigrants fall down when they settle in new country. The poor work and social conditions in which they are forced to live mine their health, appearing, now, diseases from their countries of origin.
The problem goes beyond the purely sanitary thing supposing a point of flexion in the economic and work area. Europe does not have to forget that it needs the new citizens but it needs them healthy.

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  1. Lorena, great job!
    I hope you win & your post can be included because I think you raised a very interesting top. I wish more people, in Spain and all over the world, could be as open minded as you are on such issues as immigration & the health system!!
    See you at our “Students’ Congress on Preventive Medicine”

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