60 Ideas for Europe

Humankinds need food to live. This is first priority of life. In each country prices and food quality show changes. We dont know exactly how each country use their resources, good or bad?. While south country citizens reach fresh fruits with cheap prices, northern countries buy expensive fruit and vegetables. There is a big problem in marketing although we talk about equal rights, equal chances.
What can be done?. Europe must form a big organisation gathering countries’ ministeries and this organisation should act like Head-ministery. Show countries ministeries best ways and take control over system.
Every human deserves to have good fresh and cheap food.
We (my colleagues and me) saw such a problem and it’s rising. In future wars there are two scenarios 1- water 2-food. If we will talk about europe union like one country a step must be taken for this.

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  1. When our Fishery Cooperative president (Nurullah OZTURK) mentioned me about the idea, i was so interested. Yes, we need such an organisation for free trading and marketing all over the europe in future. Safe and fresh food with best prices (not expensive) for all, that’s eaxctly something needed for all humankinds. Dont you think so?

  2. I this work be added.I wish the of your success.Alone be sorry sign that vote rate low.More work vote rate.

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