60 Ideas for Europe

Some member states of the EU have reached rather high standards in giving social security and security of payment to the working people. Compared to this situation some of the new member states still are on a rather low level of wages.
So I think we should pay attention that the high standards that have been developed in e.g. the Scandinavian countries or also Austria serve as a model for all EU member states. We should secure and defend these standards and even try to improve them.
We should help the new member states to improve their social and payment conditions for the working people. So the highest existing standards should be the the objective in the long run.
Maybe some companies wish the opposite. Maybe they wish less social security, less payment and a weaker industrial law for their employees. But we must avoid a development down in the standards and support a development up.
And we must pay attention that the number of working conditions without social security for the employees (e.g. if they have no right to get a payment if they are ill) do not increase.
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