60 Ideas for Europe

2009 will mark 30 years since the first elections for the European Parliament and new elections for this institution, 20 years since the fall of communism and the beginning of the reintegration process of the long-neglected eastern part of our continent in the European project, and, hopefully, the entering into force of the Lisbon Treaty, which will set a new and more democratic basis to the EU. All these are reasons to celebrate, but also to be aware that without a renewed enthusiasm for what the EU has meant so far and an EU-wide involvement of the citizens in supporting the project itself and the principles on which it is based, there is the risk to reduce the most important political project in European history to a story of economic success.

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  1. It is true. From Victor Hugo to Jean Monet, Robert Schuman and others onwards the idea was to have a united Europe for the benefit of the people. Meanwhile politics were involved and thus sometimes the role of the people was diminushed since they were not invoveld properly and they also lost their enthusiasm. It is true, we need to refresh it and to remind everybody that first of all EU means people, without them nothing would be possible.
    Excellent idea Iulius. Keep doing things like this.

  2. Congratulations!
    La visibilité du fait européen est le meilleur antidote à la morosité ambiante…
    C’est aussi ne pas laisser toute la place aux pisse-vinaigre de tout poil qui dénigrent l’Union et, surtout, l’esprit de solidarité et de paix qui l’anime. C’est enfin donner à la jeunesse européenne un signal fort: elle ne vient pas de nulle part et une “nouvelle frontière” est tracée pour elle.

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