60 Ideas for Europe

I think EU should create a new program of scholarships: Erasmus Iberoamerica-European Union.

It consists students from Iberoamerica can realize interchanges or one period of studies in european universities and the same way can be applied to the european union citizens.
In order to apply this idea it would be important to realize cultural and educational agreements between european and latinamerican institutions.

Jairo López C

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  1. Mr Jean Charles Duboc:
    Yes boy that sounds so cool and with this idea there will be a huge cultural enrichment between latinamerica and Europe.
    Remember in meetings EU-Latinamerica the leaders can create many agreements such as cultural and educational scholarships.

    Sincerely yours,
    Jairo López C

    PS: Please I need your information in order to contact you by mail nad explain more about this and other ideas i have posted.

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