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Living Lab is a new concept for R&D and innovation to boost the Lisbon strategy for jobs and growth in Europe. So what are Living Labs? The answer depends on who you ask because of the big differences between running Living Labs. But one thing is common for all of us; the human-centric involvement and its potential for development of new ICT-based services and products. It is all done by bringing different stakeholders together in a co-creative way
The 51 living certified labs over Europe,all partners join forces as a network, to develop and offer a gradually growing set of networked services to support the “Innovation Lifecycle” for all actors in the system: end-users, SME´s, corporations, public sector and academia.
It all starts by involving people in the streets and the users and user communities as contributors and co-creators of new innovations.
We believe that involving people in the development of new ICT solutions and see this as a key issue for the development of European society. The Living Labs Open Innovation Community is the open forum for individuals interested in Living Labs. So far more than 932 persons have registered as members already on the self-community research web-site: http://www.ami-communities.eu/wiki/Living_Labs_Open_Innovation_Community.We recommend a european wide campaign to enlarge the open communities within the Living Labs,as a unique tool for building future economy for the real-life user-centric research and innovation.

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  1. The initiative of establishing the open community for the creativity and human centric innovation through a European Network of Living Labs is worth paying attention to and get involved into.
    Herewith, I would like to offer my input into this development.

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    European Innovations Consulting
    ul. Powstancow Slaskich 49/50
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