60 Ideas for Europe

Since October last year the Party of European Socialists (PES) has been running its own consultation– the PES is taking the writing of its manifesto for the 2009 European elections into an open debate and asking people what the priorities of Europe’s socialists and social democrats should be. Last year we launched an interactive website, Yourspace, and people are debating the PES manifesto at meetings all over Europe. Now we would like to pass a few of the suggestions made by our PES activists and bloggers to your consultation – since the future of Europe is also something which concerns socialists and social democrats very much.

On a regular basis the Yourspace editorial team sums up the debate on Yourspace. The consultation is divided into four themes: Save our planet, New Social Europe, European democracy and diversity and EU in the world and on Yourspace you can read monthly ‘summaries’ of the discussions within each subject. We call this the ‘manifesto2009 Barometer’ – it gives the highlights of the debate and ideas we receive for the PES manifesto. There are lots of suggestions which we hope can inspire the European Movement also.

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