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One of the reasons for the current European malaise is a total absence of a truly federative structure capable to federate young Europeans in a common goal.

Personally, I am developing in France the EUROCLIPPERS project which intends to develop navigation in crew for youngsters on board tall ships, along Europe’s coasts, ocean voyages, and around the world:


The Euroclippers project will reconnect us with the maritime tradition of Europe in developing cooperation between Europeans by navigation on board tall ships.

What better image support for the European Union, that a fleet of tall ships bearing the colours of Europe, travelling constantly along coasts, from north to south, from east to west, with stops, organized festivals, races, qualification systems crew, but also including university courses on board for students ? …

A large exploitation of such vessels for the European young peoples can be realized only by the Navy of each European maritime country for operational reasons and to reduce operation expenses.

It is up to the European peoples to request their governments to include in the objectives of the military Marines the training of youngsters aboard tall ships.

Jean-Charles Duboc

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  1. Tall ship sailing is a great activity for team building and personal development. Although most tall ships are operated by Navys there are 2 British registered tall ships that have been specially designed to include people with physical disabilities alongside able-bodied people. they are owned by a British not-for-profit (Charity) and voyages are open to everyone over 16 regardless of age or nationalitity. They visit all over Europe. http://www.jst.org.uk

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