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The EP has just adopted a resolution calling for European wide action to end rough sleeping by 2015 and to establish a system of winter shelters in every country. Rough sleeping is an ongoing reality in all EU member states. No one should be sleeping rough in Europe in the 21st century. The solution to making this social evil obsolete lies not just in policy change, but in challenge and change in services.

A specific issue is EU migrants ending up homeless in the UK. Homeless Link’s research shows that 18% of rough sleepers in London are people who have come to the UK to work from east and central Europe, but have no recourse to public funds if things go wrong. Citizens of Europe who move for work should have the right to social protection – a roof over their heads, food and health care. We need to work together to ensure help for this most vulnerable group.

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  1. Who says no one should sleep rough. I can think of who should., and they all rest at present in the House of Lords along with the House of Commons.

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