60 Ideas for Europe

The EU has come a long way since the initial six members founded the Coal and Steel Community in 1951. Since then, the EU has grown, not only in terms of members, but also in terms of substance.
Membership or rather the prospect of membership, coupled with the very substance of EU cooperation, e.g. Justice and Home Affairs, the Single Market, and The Charter of Fundamental Rights, is one of the most powerful incitements for European states to form democratic societies, based on free markets and the rule of law. We have seen this urge for reform surface in candidate countries as a prelude to every single enlargement of the EU. Many observers have called enlargement the EU’s greatest success in foreign policy.
Thus, it is crucial that continued focus is directed at the enlargement process. In terms of democratic and economic development, there is still a long way to go in some of our neighbouring regions. Future membership is, without a doubt, the most effective stimulant for further reforms in these countries. The Copenhagen criteria not only speed up the reform process in these countries, they also ensure that, when countries are accepted into the union, they represent a strengthening of the EU, not a burden.
We, at the Danish European movement, therefore feel that future enlargements, even beyond the current candidate countries, must be at the core of EU development. It will secure peace, democracy, economic growth and social equality for future generations of Europeans.

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  1. I totally agree. When people vote with their feet, they increasingly look for the new member states which offer greater career and growth opportunities when they loose the bonds of their borders. Do not hesitate to accept Croatia and offer visa waivers to Serbia.

  2. I agree. But EU should make this enlargements slowly.If you look at the standard and the quality of living of different member countries you can see that the EU isn’t nothing more than a faction of 3 different types of countries.1st faction,the EU member countries that have a high standard of living.2nd,the countries like my own (Slovenia),we have the EU constitution,EU laws, but our standard of living hasn’t improved.Our salaries and lots of other things are below EU standards.Then we have the 3rd faction.In this faction are countries like Croatia,Serbia,Turkey and others.I support all those countries to join the EU,but,Croatia,has first to forget about its ERC,they should erase it from their minds.Then there is the problem with the border.They are still hungry of our soil.I don’t expect that other countries will care about that problem,but as our representative in European parliament Jelko Kacin said:Closing the ERC for EU member countries isn’t enough to join the EU.Croatia must give up her demand for our soil and there are many other things Croatia has to change before she can join the EU. I don’t know why Turkey isn’t mentioned in the enlargments policy.The Eu complicates about human rights and so on,but it doesn’t complicates when we speak about Slovenian soil.Perhaps there is a European Union, but there is still missing the European spirit in which the idea of a United Europe has been born.Before further enlargments, EU should take care of its self and bring all the member countries to a equal level in all sectors!After that is accomplished we can bring some new countries to our European Union.
    About Turkey, it is so,that they are being pushed away from the EU by the EU.Turkey has a strategic value for the EU and I think, its more important to bring Turkey and its culture closer to the EU.You should note hasitate to accept it into the EU because the conditions in the country aren’t perfect,they aren’t even in the EU.EU is only as perfect as its least perfect countrie is.So if EU is complicating about Turkey,it should complicate about Croatia.There should be the same criteria for Croatia as they are for the Turkey.Perhaps my ideas are to aggressive and they look as I would be against Croatia, but I’m a philosopher and I don’t think about what can I do for my political party or my pocket like lots of politicians do, but I care about the people,i care about democracy and that is the main difference between politicians and philosophers.

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