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A Soul for Europe!

The European Community began as an economic community whose cause was, all the same, common values, the European cultural community and historical experiences; yet it also involved all the infringements of those common values. Outwardly, the EU is characterised as an economic and regulation community; it has lost the breath it had at the outset.
“A Soul for Europe” (ASfE) is the order of the day, of Europe’s new departure which it embarked on after its expansion in 2004, at the latest. The civil-society initiative “A Soul for Europe” is building an international network based in Berlin, and is seeking support for its objectives from the regions, the EU member states and Europe’s cultural, business and political sectors. Its projects are based on the idea that the development of Europe depends on the power of culture, which must be used in a sustainable manner. This will help ensure that we have a Europe of Europeans, and not just a Europe of institutions, administrations and regulations.
ASfE must become a movement of everyone for whom the well-being of the EU is important. The European Commission’s communication on culture 05/07 underscored that. It is a matter of placing culture at the core of all the EU’s political efforts, not ostensibly for the benefit of culture but of Europe with respect to its cultural potentials. ASfE has been proceeding down this path since 2004. It should be a path shared by everyone for whom Europe means a great deal. www.berlinerkonferenz.eu

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  1. We already have a ‘Europe of Europeans’ thank you.

    However it sounds more like you are looking at building support among Europeans for the supra-national governing structure called the European Union.

    That is quite another matter, and should probably start from giving people more of a say in EU decisions than trying to dress political propaganda up as cultural events.

    For a governing body to be permitted to build support for itself through culture using one-sided information – especially also using public money – is really quite a sinister idea.

    This project really represents the dangerous direction in which the European Union is going, and leading others.

  2. More European rubbish using public money to sell itself. This is undemocratic and deceitful,shows just how the European State operates now, in the past, and will do in the future. A very good reason why Britain should have the chance to vote at a referendum NO to joining a European State.

  3. Europe does need a soul – or a spiritual heart. There is more to law than just words – just ask a tax inspector, accountant or lawyer. There is history. There is culture. There is art. There is faith.

    Europe now has many faiths. Some more more dominant than others. None has a permanent voice within the EU unless it puts forward a representative for election – or it lobbies hard.

    This may be the Europe the people want. It is secular and Europe has suffered from wars spurred by religious differences.

    But Europe has also suffered hardship, pain and war from the absence of religion – or the restriction of religion – or from religion being stifled.

    I’m christian. It’s Sunday. I’ve missed church today. I’m not perfect. But I appreciate the value of churches existing: being available. I appreciate the same needs for others: for mosques; for synagogues; gurdwaras; etc.

    There’s a book by Mark Kurlansky, “Nonviolence: The History of a Dangerous Idea”, it brings a perspective on religion that Europe might share given events in recent years.

    It might not. But in looking for its soul, and (in light of speeches this week from Gordon Brown) wondering whether one day she may marry Uncle Sam, Europa may do worse than to visit:


    And consider ideas put forward, in more recent weeks, by Tony Blair:


    After all, how does a good wife guide her husband? 😉

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