60 Ideas for Europe

The EU currently suffers from a problem that must be solved if we want its institutions to be fully democratic. We refer to the balance of power between the Member States (as represented by the European Council) and the Citizens (as represented by the European Parliament). If we aspire to true European citizenship, if we think that the EU should be fully committed to our citizens’ welfare, and if we want to promote the full participation of civil society, then we cannot support a model which is not completely democratic.
For these reasons, I propose:
1.- 50% of the Members of the European Parliament to be elected from common, EU-wide lists, the same lists being voted in each Member State.
2. -The number one candidate in the winning list to be automatically appointed as the President of the European Commission.
3.- To give the European Parliament at least the same legislative power and capacity to takes initiatives as the European Commission.

These measures would require an amendment to the existing Treaties. The resulting new Treaties would be submitted to a referendum to be held in all Member States.

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  1. And who puts the candidates on the list?

    This is the problem with the European Parliament. Those at the top of the lists are all but guaranteed to get elected, regardless of how the people vote.

    They do not truly ‘represent’ any citizens.

    This suggestion will magnify that problem on an EU-wide scale, reducing representation even further.

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