60 Ideas for Europe

Do we need a European cultural institute (similar to the German Goethe-Institut?) We believe: we do not need it. We should rather call for an “Institute for World Civilization” as proposed by Bazon Brock at our 2nd Berlin Conference “A Soul for Europe” 2006. The proposal is based on the idea that Europe’s greatest cultural achievement may be the “civilizing” achievement (human rights, individual rights, legal systems, democracy…).

“When making European policies, such policies have to be civilisation policies. Let us create an agency for universal civilisation that will create global minimum standards of civilisation – and only in doing so will globalisation be fulfilled – beyond cultural particularities. For that is the task, and one that is not understood by nature: Inherently, culture is understood by every person. But that other thing, which is European to create a unity of humanity, that in particular goes beyond cultural conditions as a civilisation.”
(Speech by Bazon Brock, Berlin Conference 2006)


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  1. Je suis plutôt en faveur d’un Institut culturel européen, qui soulignerait l’unité et les liens culturels communs existant entre tous les pays d’Europe.

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