60 Ideas for Europe

Actually there are many problems arround the world: terrorism, violence, poorness, hunger problems, plagues, weather changes. And we can find solutions in order to obtain a better World with peace and fraternity.

weather changes: to realize many activities in favor for a better enviroment. the main responsabilities could be Mr Al Gore, Green Peace and many NGO and organisations.

Attack the poorness: To make efforts in order to create economical and social agreements between African, latinamerican and Asian poor countries. To realize campaigns monthly in those world areas would be great in order to attack the poorness.

The fair inmigration: To create new policies in order to help people in obtaining a better lifestyle.

Social and economical projects: Such as the Canaan project for agriculture whict it was succesfully developed in South Korea; a common market zone in another continents.

Attack the terrorism and violence: By means of social and humanitarian activities in war zones or making efforts for dialogues and treats for obtaining “stop wars” and peace.

And finally: To respect the commandments and apply the principles of the Bible. God wants a better and a fair World. Let us do it.

Sincerely yours,

Jairo López carrascal

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