60 Ideas for Europe

In a world where China, India, Brazil and other countries are developing at break-neck speed, Europe must value and safeguard its cultural heritage treasures as a most valuable asset. No longer only lands were manufactured goods can be made at lower cost, these countries are increasingly becoming centres of excellence in design, culture, innovation and professional services. What remains unique in Europe is its Cultural Heritage. Not better than the cultural heritage of other parts of the world, but unique, and as such of great intellectual, historical, emotional and economic value to its citizens and also to the world.
In a globalizing world where developing cities increasingly look the same – jungles of taller and taller buildings – the centuries of styles and the layers of influence which together form the built and natural environments in which Europeans live will seem increasingly unique and valuable. Cultural tourism is a growing industry which can benefit from this unique asset, but only if more priority is placed in the safeguarding and the highlighting of Europe’s cultural heritage.

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  1. I have travelled during 25 years around the world, and I have realized that Europe’s cultural heritage is unique on our planet and that we need to give more priority in the safeguarding and the highlighting of Europe’s cultural heritage.

    Europe Union needs to become the reference for the future of the planet and we all have to promote our cultures, but in the same time show the World that it is possible to leave in peace with our differences.

    Jean-Charles Duboc

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