60 Ideas for Europe

For more than 20 years, Europeans have been able to enjoy the open monument days in September, known as the European Heritage Days. Currently, more than 20 million citizens take part in the celebrations across the 49 countries of Europe. Visiting buildings, monuments and sites, visitors explore the city or area’s history, stories, roots and beauty. Citizens learn about where they live, where they come from, who they are.
These buildings, monuments and sites certainly have a local importance, often a national importance, perhaps a European one. By pointing out and explaining these differing layers of importance, these varying spheres of influence to the viewer, it enriches and deepens their understanding of the history of the locality, the nation and of Europe. It also places them in this understanding, in this place and time. It creates a feeling of belonging to their locality, to their nation, to the greater Europe.

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  1. I agree that the potential offered by the EHDs is still vastly under developed. Concrete ways of developing the European dimension of this initiative could be: the adoption of a common theme throughout Europe, cross-border and regional partnerships ith the publication of a commun brochure encouraging people to visit monuments and sites just over the border, further attention from the media, a television programme to be diffused throughout Europe …

  2. Pourquoi pas, afin de promouvoir l’héritage européen, mettre à contribution les pouvoirs locaux, les inciter à le valoriser et instaurer un concours annuel destiné à récompenser les initiatives locales?

    Cela ouvrirait d’autres perspectives que l’Eurovision de la “chanson”!

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