60 Ideas for Europe

This a great project and oportunity to perform the activities in Agriculture in Europe.

This miraculous project was sucessfully developed in South Korea and it began when Mr Yong Ki Kim claimed strongly to God because South Korea was dominated by the japanese people. God revealed him how to work focus to a new and prosperous nation according to these words written in the Bible “just look for the God”s Kingdom and its jutice and the rest of things will come in excess”.
The project is basically to construct farms and realize a planification of the fruitful land and realize a social and spiritual transformation according to these principles: To live by believing in God, work with effort, to live a saving life, we have to be self-qualified, to be join with cooperation and collaboration and to be a generous person.

South Korea actually has one of the highest per capita ingress in the World. In 2004 this ingress ranked 30th at US $14,162.
Let us work strongly with this idea and believe God will help us for a better Europe and World

Jairo López C

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