60 Ideas for Europe

The main objective of this White Paper is to propose a new context for effective cooperation among the different actors in the Work-Life Balance field, in order to involve companies more in decisions that concern European employees.

The big work-life conditions differences among the different EU countries must be analyzed and harmonizated, in order to define common goals at the European Living and Working Conditions Framework. The analysis and the conclusions obtained, after debating with all the European affected actors, should be the content for this WHITE PAPER, which will define the policies and the implementation step processes, as well as stimulated systems for “Best Practices” in companies which follow the new Work-Life Balance policies

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  1. Congratulations. We need a better Work-Life Balance. Our companies also need implementation processes.
    Your WHITE PAPER will be written in cooperation by different actors helped by a reasonable and imaginative steps as you propose.

  2. Congratulations for your great idea. We need more efforts from the Spanish companies in this field. Companies from other European countries can guide us to improve the living and working conditions.
    Good luck in The Hague!!!

  3. Mucha suerte en tu empeño, espero que realmente las empresas se den cuenta de que algunas personas no por “estar más” trabajan más.

  4. Hola Carmen:
    Muy buena esta idea. Recordad tambien es aplicable a todos los ciudadanos residentes en la UE. Siempre hago enfasis para todos los ciudadanos, europeos o no

    Saludos y espero exitos en la Haya
    Jairo López

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