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The UFO phenomenon is formally studied in France by the “Information and study group on unidentified aerospace phenomena” (GEIPAN) at the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES):


This service was established, in 1977, by Dr. Claude Poher who has been at the head of several European space programs and who has developed the Universons scientific theory which can explain the fantastic acceleration, between 200 g and 600 g, of some UFOs.

In April 2007, Dr. Claude Poher was able to produce, in his laboratory, artificial gravity:


This discovery is now public and has been presented to the National Press Club in Washington CD, on November 12, 2007:


The discovery of Dr. Claude Poher is the solution to the energy dead-end of Europe because it will generate FREE ENERGY, in fact unlimited and non-polluting energy.

My proposal is to create, in Toulouse, with the GEIPAN service, a European service which will bring together scientists from each country of the European Union.

This service will centralize all UFO observations reported in Europe, but also explore all technological applications of the production of artificial gravity, in the fields of energy, social programs, health care, and development of new spatial transportation technologies.

Jean-Charles Duboc

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  1. Very good idea! But why only european ? Such an office of sutdy should be worldwide under the United Nations authority.

  2. Such a service, as mentioned above could be maybe interesting. However most of the UFO stuff is a bit too ‘far out’. For me.

    What would be maybe needed is a list of phenomenons and illusions to get clear discernment.

    I personally do not ‘believe’ in UFO-ideology, and I had around 3 sightings of things in the sky that could not be interpretated in any usual manner.

    Two other family members had sightings too of a bit different phenomenons.

    Actually what happens to you, when you see some things, is , that you do not believe what you see. And after you have seen it, you do wonder at and about yourself.

    So …

    I personally will stick to study ‘religious and rational’ phenomenons of men’s hearts and minds.

    And try to stay on the ground 🙂

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