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First of May 1993, French Prime minister Pierre Beregovoy shot himself in the head.

A considerable emotion shook France, and that suicide was explained as a sign of desperation of a man destabilized by a conspiracy.

But, in January 2008, a book entitled “Un crime d’Etat ?” (Eric Raynaud) has developed the hypothesis that Pierre Beregovoy was murdered because of his fight against corruption.

Indeed, on April 8, 1992, Pierre Beregovoy, Head of government of François Mitterrand, had before the French Parliament promised to fight against corruption of the political class.

It should be known that France has been rated, in June 22, 2006, by the Institute of economic affairs (IEA) as the most corrupt country in the developed world, and that this situation has probably led to the assassination of Pierre Beregovoy who was facing a criminal structure.

My proposal is to create a European Agency that would be designed to identify the best ways to eradicate corruption in Europe. One option might be to develop a European system of control like “whistleblowing” which has been set up by the large American companies, following the collapse of Enron, to combat crime.

We need to create an Agency that will enable that, for ever, a European Prime minister could not be assassinated because he fought against corruption.

And I suggest the creation of the “European Institute Pierre Beregovoy” to meet that objective.

Jean-Charles Duboc

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  1. Had this Office opened a procedure to analysis the suicide (or crime) of Pierre Beregovoy ? Certainly not…

    On the subject of the 1991 Taiwan Frigates contract, and the Andrew Wang’s 500 millions $ retro-commissions, had this office opened a procedure and asked the French Government to declassify the financial transfers?… Not at all, because this subject is classified “secret defence” by the ministry.

    In fact, there are few possibilities to make any pressure on a European State whose corruption is at the highest level as in France.

    My proposal is to create a European Institute, or Office, or Agency, which would be totally independent and would allow any European citizen to bring information about fraud, or corruption, in his own country.

    This possibility would have a success only if there is a protection of whistleblowers, and even a remuneration of them to cover the risks.

    Jean-Charles Duboc

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