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Status of student

I don’t really know how this matter looks like in other European countries, but the situation in Poland is, in my opinion, a little bit crazy. All the schools, from pimary up to universities, provide their students with “student cards”. But they are valid inside Poland only. It implies two serious disadvanages:

1. It is impossible to travel around the EU with this card only. It means that people under 18 have to take a normal passport with them. It is inconvenient, as the passport is just too big to be kept in a pocket.

2. In order to be given a discount in a hostel, museum, on a bus or anywhere else, young people usually have to proove that they attend to school or a university. But, as I said, our Polish cards are not acceptable outside Poland, so we have to buy an additional card (like Euro<26).

Wouldn’t it be possible to have one type of student card in the whole EU, as it is with health care (EHIC)?

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