60 Ideas for Europe

The uniform (or almost uniform) procedure for the election of MEPs which was provided for in the Draft Constitution and maintained in Art. 223 TFEU, is still far from being a reality. The profound differences between the procedures in the Member States cannot be maintained, both in terms of the electoral system and in terms of requirements, incompatibilities, emoluments, etc.
As far as the electoral system is concerned, the so-called “decreasing proportionality”, by virtue of which a seat costs ten or even twelve times as many votes in one country as in another, cannot be maintained. For this reason, a separate proposal of the CFEME argues in favour of a single electoral district for the vast majority of seats. As far as eligibility of candidates is concerned, we propose that all candidates should be subject to the same conditions. This would avoid, for example, the situation whereby in some countries mayors can be MEPs and in others they can’t.

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