60 Ideas for Europe

Any proposal for the future of the EU lies under the spectre of whether the Lisbon Treaty is finally ratified in January 2009. Regardless of the method used, ratification by end January 2009 is crucial and the EMI must devote all its efforts to ensuring that this happens. The easiest way to achieve ratification is through each sovereign Parliament (except in the case of Ireland, which is constitutionally obliged to hold a referendum). The second way, which is more utopian, is through an EU-wide referendum which has been vaguely proposed by the EMI and most firmly proposed by the Spanish EM for some time now. We still have time in the next few months to avoid the threat of another failure which in our opinion would be less reparable than in 2005.
The last way to achieve ratification which should only be used as a last resort, is to implement the Treaty only in those states which have ratified it. This possibility is admitted both in Roman-Germanic and Common Law. The countries which have not ratified the Treaty will have the possibility to opt-in.

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