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The appointment of the President of the Commission must be done through procedures which are eminently democratic and rooted in the citizens’ desires.
The EMI proposes that in the procedure of proposing a candidate to the EU Parliament, an advance is made with respect to the improvements already contained both the Draft Treaty and the Art. 17.7 TUE (Lisbon) (“Taking into account the elections to the European Parliament and after having held the appropriate consultations, the European Council …”.)
The EMI insists that the Council cannot avoid its responsibility in this area, and it must be the Council, and no other body, who proposes the candidate. The candidate must come from the parties or coalition of parties which wins the elections to the EU Parliament.
Once we have established this principle, there are already mechanisms in place to put it into practice. The best known of these is, in all Member States, to have the same name in the first position in the lists of parties belonging to the same group. This system is permitted since candidates do not have to be nationals of the country where the list is presented.
It is only by means of this procedure that the President of the Commission can truly be considered the President of the Government of Europe.

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  1. Nice idea, however is it possible to have one same candidate presented in the first position in the lists of parties in europeen election in all Member States? I do not believe that you can be candidate in more than one country!



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