60 Ideas for Europe

In terms of representative democracy, the support given hereto to EU-wide political parties has been insufficient. These parties must be given more support, both financially and politically. Financially, the community budget must take them more into account. Politically, measures such as the following are necessary:
A) The possibility to become a member directly of an EU-wide political party, without necessarily being a member of the corresponding party in a particular Member State.
B) Strengthening the idea of European political parties in the grassroots organizations of the national parties.
C) Electoral manifestoes to be drawn up jointly and to be democratically decided.
D) Periodic congresses, with the designation of delegates in proportion to the size of each respective party.
E) Political decisions on EU themes to be taken according to a system similar to the decision-making process in the EU itself: that is to say by simple or qualified majority according to the subject under discussion, as practised in the Council.
F) The organizational heads of each parliamentary group should automatically form part of the governing body of the European Parliament.
G) Disciplinary committees to be formed either by representatives of all the national parties or by secret vote in the European Parliament. When the subject of the disciplinary committee is closely related to the workings of the Parliament, the committee should comprise, in the main, MEPs.

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  1. L’idée est séduisante…Mais les obstacles sont de taille dans la mesure où les partis en place se sont réparti le fromage!

    La situation actuelle pose en effet de multiples problèmes: la cohérence idéologique des “affiliations” à ces super-partis ( “super” parce que excroissances des partis nationaux), l’opportunisme de ces adhésions, le danger aussi de ces forces politiques ( comme ces prolongements
    de nationalismes étriqués voire racistes)…

    Une idée séduisante qu’il faudrait accompagner de mesures incitatives en termes de financement sur le budget communautaire, en termes aussi de liberté totale de constitution ( on songe ici à ces signatures de mandataires en place requises dans certains états-membres pour créer une nouvemlle force politique…

    On peut ( et on doit !) rêver!!!

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