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Member States of the EU who also have a seat on the UN Security Council, either permanent o temporary, must coordinate their positions in the UN, and also reach an agreement with the High Representative over the common position. It is not enough merely to inform the HR of the position adopted, as stated in Art. 34.2 TEU (Lisbon). That is to say, it is the responsibility of Mr. CFSP to ensure that there is agreement over the common position. At the same time, we must remember that the Security Council can invite him to present common positions of the EU, as the last paragraph of the aforementioned article rightly indicates.
Furthermore, if Mr. CFSP does not respond to the invitation, the Member States on the Security Council should not participate in the debate. This would be a good way to militate in favour of regional groupings in the UN.

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  1. The Un security council?

    The problem is that the EU needs an intervention army first. Because the security council is for strong military powers. The EU is none and has no troops under its command.

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