60 Ideas for Europe

We need to boost the Erasmus, Socrates and Galileo programmes. If we do not significantly increase the number of exchanges carried out under these programmes, we cannot hope to arrive at a true European awareness amongst our citizens.
First of all, we need to increase the budget devoted to these programmes. (For example, the current 300€ per month awarded in the Erasmus programme is ridiculous.) However, this is not enough. We also need to make it much easier for people to get information about these programmes. In particular, we need a dedicated organisation in each Member State, which gives information about all three programmes.

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  1. I think this proposals are good and should be put on the national agendas, too. Somebody formerly blogged an idea to make Erasmus studies compulsory which I totally detest. To make Erasmus available to more, or all willing students would really promote understanding Europe better.

  2. Ok this idea is great.

    I sugggest to increase the expenses for about the 75% percent of the minimun salary of the country which the erasmus student is going to realize the interchange.
    And remember i suggest an idea about erasmus Iberoamerica- EU scholarshisps In this program the student needs for about 800€ per month in order to afford his expenses

    Sincerely yours
    Jairo López

  3. The International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy 2009
    Call for Applications
    Berlin, 27th – 31st July, 2009

    The International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy 2009 will bring together experts from the fields of academia, politics, and the private sector for a weeklong program that will focus on the role of soft power in the international environment. The following are a selection of the confirmed speakers for the Symposium:

    * Jorge Sampaio, UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations, Former President of Portugal (1996-2006)
    * Joaquim Chissano, Former President of Mozambique (1986-2005), Former Chairperson of the African Union (2003-2004)
    * Dr. Vaira V??e-Freiberga, Former President of Latvia (1999-2007)
    * Cassam Uteem, Former President of the Republic of Mauritius (1992-2002)
    * Dr. Vasile Pu?ca?, Romanian Minister for European Affairs
    * Ints D?lderis, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Latvia
    * Borys Tarasyuk, Member of Parliament and Former Foreign Minister of the Ukraine (1998-2000, 2005-2007)
    * Dr. Erkki Tuomioja, Member of Parliament and Former Foreign Minister of Finland (2000-2007)

    Further information about the Symposium can be found under: http://www.icd-internationalsymposium.org

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