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European stereotypes

I am almost 100 % sure that everyone of us has some stereotypes. Is it bad??? It’s difficult to say.
We talk about Europe, its standards, values, etc. – so why can’t we discuss such a thing as European stereotypes?
Are there any stereotypes concerning Europeans (as a nationality or may be a breed xD)? Or shall we combine all the stereotypes of nationalities living in Europe and sum them up and say that a real European is egoistic, punctual, horney, snobbish, etc.???
Or may be there is no such a thing as european stereotypes and we shouldn`t consider europeans as a unity – but as individuals???

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  1. Stereotypes…well, i think we shouldn`t sum up stereotypes of all nationalities in Europe…it`s not quiet correct.
    It will be interesting to see what other people – living in Europe – think about such “european stereotypes”, because i live in Russia and it`s difficult for me to discuss it.
    By the way, i personally like the subject “stereotypes and prejudice”, so if you have smth to say about it – i`ll be very gratefull.

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