60 Ideas for Europe

We need to increase the powers of the Committee of Regions. In the first place, the CoR should have the Right of Appeal to de ECJ. This means revoking all or part of Art. 263 TFEU. In the second place, as the CoR only plays a consultative role with respect to the Commission and the Council, in cases where the Commission and Council do not accept proposals made by the CoR, they should be obliged to fully explain the reasons for the decision. Finally, we propose that the Committee of Regions is renamed Committee of Regions and Municipalities. This nomenclature is in line with its legal definition in Art. 300 TFEU, which speaks of “representatives of regional and local bodies”.

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  1. How about we get full directly elected public representation in the commitee first. There are too many of these commitees that the public knows nothing of until some decision or other is forced down their throats.

  2. It is very little transparent what interests are at stake in the Committee of Regions.It would also make a very bad example of a body that was set up for consultation would gain more and more rights. That is the pre-requisit of a growing bureaucracy.

  3. Seriously, we have too many competing institutions already. All you need is a directly elected parliament and the council of member state governments. Everything else is a duplication wasting money and effort and should be strictly limited. I understand we have to have something to keep the Catalans and Welsh happy but lets keep it to a minimum, ok?

  4. To G Potter: Directly elected regioal representation? Isn’t that called the European Parliament?

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