60 Ideas for Europe

We need to work towards a minimum standardization of all direct taxation. Admittedly, this is difficult but it is achievable. We have already made advances in this direction in the following areas: company mergers, subsidiaries, and the elimination of double taxation for associated companies. However, the standardization of the taxation of losses incurred in other states and, above all, the implementation of a common system for personal savings, have up to now been taboo.
The opposition of the UK and Luxembourg (with the added problem of internal tax havens), and the fear of a flight of capital outside the EU, have lead to complete inaction in this area.
It is the responsibility of the EMI to exercise great pressure to achieve this aim.

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  1. Excellente idée: elle est cohérente avec les objectifs de l’Union, elle permet une juste redistribution des richesses ( tant au niveau collectif, entre régions et sous-régions, qu’au plan individuel, évitant ainsi les tentations de repli identitaire frileux des plus riches…

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