60 Ideas for Europe

We need to work towards regional groupings in the UN. We are helped in this aim by the final document of the UN General Assembly produced on the occasion of its 60th anniversary. Section 170 of this document refers to “territorial organizations” within the 200-odd member states of the UN, with the aim that the recognition of the existence of these territorial organizations helps the functioning not just of the Assembly but of the Security Council itself.
In the same line, the note of the then Secretary General Kofi Annan (59th Period of Sessions), articulated this recognition with the proposal of six seats for the EU considered as a whole. Strangely enough, the EU has not uttered a word in response to this proposal.
The EMI should insist that the EU response favourably to this idea. We must supersede the current situation where the UN is little more than the confused wheeling and dealing of the dictatorship of the five victorious states in a now-distant war. The most viable way to do this is through the existence of regional platforms for certain areas. Can the EU, the first and most successful of all the regional platforms, really afford not to take up this challenge?

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