60 Ideas for Europe

The Neighbourhood Policy contained in art. 8 TUE (Lisbon), which reproduces word for word the text of the Draft Treaty, will undoubtedly proof to be extremely positive. In particular, it is a very good alternative to a policy of endless enlargements which could have outlandish results. (Imagine, if you will, if Russia were to be admitted into the EU. Enlargement would in this case extend to territories as distant as Vladivostok!) For its part, the EMI must strive towards a conception of enlargement which is both ambitious but at the same time realistic.
However, we must not deceive ourselves: the “neighbouring” countries which are not included in future enlargements must not be forgotten. For example, the aforementioned Neighbourhood Policy could include the possibility of establishing a common market, guidelines for cohesion and bilateral institutions with those countries not included in future enlargements. (For example, the Maghreb, Ukraine, Byelorussia and possibly Turkey.)

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