60 Ideas for Europe

Emission of EURO-STAMPS

The realization of the decision of common Europe declared in The Hague 60 years ago – as it can be seen by experiences of the past 60 years – is a historic deed spanning over epochs having several components. One of the outstanding elements of it is forming the awareness of the society, realizing the advantages of relatedness in Europe.

In the perception of social dimensions of common Europeanism, further steps would be desirable. As for one of these factors we wish to propose to the European Commission establishing a common European Post Directorate (probably in the frame of DG for Energy and Transport). This organization should emit – as a first step – EU stamps, defined in Euro currency. With these Euro-stamps there could be franked the postal consignments of every EU country. The member states of the EU should mutually accept the common EU postage stamps.

The elaboration of the common European postage stamps system, the assessment and clearing method, demands appropriate preparatory proceedings and tasks. But the ideal and practical asset of this issue is of great importance on the sphere of attainment of European unity.

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