60 Ideas for Europe

Democracy, stability and prosperity of the whole European continent is a priority goal of the EU. The open door policy of the EU has always been and still is the major motivation for reforms in all neighbouring countries. This should be continued, especially towards Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and the Balkan countries.

It might take long, till the countries are ready, but it is our duty to the founding fathers of the EU and it would be a great benefit for all if they would join.

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  1. Open-door policy should be specifically targeted at mere people of the neighboring countries, including less restrictions on travel. Reality is different at least for Belarus: embassies of EU countries keep on imposing new and stricter rules for visa applications, and the people here feel fenced off.

  2. It is a very noble idea to keep Europe’s doors open to all nationstates that can and are willing to contribute. But any student of European integration and IR policies knows that there are certain limits to EU enlargement. Overexpansion might harm the very basic purpose of the EU. It is wiser first to enhance the exisiting policymaking structures. The weight of numbers might lessen the efficacy of common policymaking or even unnecessary forestall the execution of needed reforms due to the waiting time that is lost by individual ratification processes etc. Efficiency and practicability must be weighed carefully with the idealism of enlarging the EU ‘as ultimate goal’.

  3. Enlargement should be the goal, or rather, there should be unification under, ideally, a democratic decision regime. The world already has government, albeit chaotic, ill-specified and grossly inefficient with invisible lines of responsibility. If we are to salvage a livable future, world government must be modernized and brought into line with the natural purpose of government: furthering the capacity to have mutually beneficial relationships. In this latter sense, Segers is correct about enhancing policy making structures: before further expansion, at a minimum, the Council must become independent of local state governments and the absurd use of consensus must be abandoned.

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