60 Ideas for Europe

Our social welfare cannot be defended nationally, but involving ourselves in the construction of fairer commercial relations for every country, as well as creating institutions aiming to govern globalization. Europe cannot be just an economic lobby. It must become a influencing group in favour of democracy and human rights. It will only remain faithful to its spirit if it uses its power for the construction of a fairer, more tenable, more common world. As Ortega y Gasset said, such spirit consisted on the European balance among different countries, assuring no country would fully dominate the continent. Now, it is time to build the global public and private institutions of a world with many poles that will come true in the next years. Avoiding global risks: a massive ecological crisis, a war because of the water, a suicidal competence for the control of raw materials. The situation in Africa is especially dramatic. Impoverished continent par excellence, where European governments and corporations, are still following a neocolonial politics devoted to appropriation and overexploitation of natural resources, excluding their population in the sharing of benefits.

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  1. We are not the best people around the world, and it is important to realize it, but we have many good things that we have to protect and develop. Social welfare and environmental policies are very important for us and for all the world. We cannot play a passive role, we need a stronger union and much more democracy among Europe.

  2. What is “unfair” trade?

    You really cannot blame the African situation on Europe or European companies. This really shows that you have never been there. The only important thing for reform is always a strong educated middle class. The North-South divide is oversimplification for naive lefties and perpetrates the colonial scheme.

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