60 Ideas for Europe

Unity and Democracy

Whereas markets still are global and the politics are national, the politics will go on being that “dummy” for the economic interests of the lobbies. The utopian politics considering citizens as owners of their own lives, hasn’t achieve its goal yet. That is the main reason for the citizens to move further away from politics. In a world where the unique global institutions are both, multinational companies and financial markets, people become cynical. They do not trust so much in politicians. When both the historic mission and the “ethical north” are lost, people only trust on being able to survive. They may also hold on to nationalisms as a way to convert their cultural unease into economic power at the expenses of others. For sure, a political agenda based on the democratic quality and the human rights requires some kind of public control. Such control would be oriented to make more efficient markets as an instrument to satisfy the basic needs of everyone, instead of enriching a few people. That is not possible without a European dimension, first, which would be followed by a worldwide one. That is the only way to tackle immigration, climate change, terrorism, prices rising, welfare state, and Global justice. Europe is still in time to do it. Forty five years ago, Schuman claimed dramatically: “Europe is looking for; it knows it has in its hands its own future. It has never been so close to its goal. God willing, Europe will take advantage of the time of its destiny, the last chance for its salvation”.

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