60 Ideas for Europe

1. Europe-wide elections with a single electoral statute for all States are legally required in the Treaties, Paris, 1951, Rome, 1957. Why have they never happened? Each State has its own rules. It took nearly 30 years for governments to permit direct elections specified in Paris treaty, 1951, Rome, 1957. 2.Civil Society should elect representatives in the Economic and Social Committee. (Nice Treaty, Rome, and Paris). They are still nominated by governments in secret — illegally. All European NGOs should be registered and then vote this representation. EcoSoc, Committee of Regions have real legal powers in treaties; they should not be ignored. 3. All Council meetings should be OPEN to the public. Schuman said councils and committees should be under control of public opinion, Pour l’Europe, p145. 4. Commission should be independent of governments, political parties and interest groups. Members should be honest and competent and act as the conscience of Europe, without political bias. Under the Lisbon Treaty only card-carrying political party members can be Commission President. Jean Monnet, Hallstein, Davignon, Soames would be excluded. This treaty discriminates against 98 % of Europeans. 5. Proper funds for justice at the Court of Human Rights. The backlog is 90,000 cases. What use is a Charter with no judges? 6. Open up to public and press the 3000+ secret committees,dealing with citizens’ affairs and vital interests.

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  1. A ‘School Report’ showing how Governments FAIL in their implementation of basic DEMOCRACY as described and laid out in the treaties can be found at http://www.schuman.info/schoolreport.htm. We are still waiting after more than fifty years for most of the elections they are legally bound to implement and to grasp Europe’s democratic Community principles.

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