60 Ideas for Europe

European Union is build and continues to progress based on shared values and interests of all member states toward a common vision. No doubt it is a success story of its own. It is very important that countries with different cultures and interests stick together and discuss their common future. Member countries use the diversity to get to know each other much better by communicating and sharing values, habits and other important issues. Therefore, diversity is to be seen as an important `window of opportunity`. For many years, EU is facing some difficulties. If EU continues failing to speak to the world with one voice, inevitably it will slowly loose its world credibility and reputation. It is difficult to surpass national interests of a member country for an issue discussed at EU level or wider, but it is far more important to help and support EU progress internally as it strengthens the Europeans common future especially when it has to do with promoting the values such are human rights, rule of law, etc. EU must not have different opinions as it happened when Balkan was at war. It is a must for the future of EU to enforce unanimity for everyone’s own good, instead of division. For example, the case of Republic of Kosova was and continues to be a difficult test for EU which I hope will end up successfully.

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  1. Help me!
    Mon idée, depuis de longue années est de créer une Organisation Mondiale(nationale, européenne et internationale)d’Enregistrement d’Innovation à l’Etat Brut.
    But: Promouvoir l’inspiration de la créativé mentales à tous les êtres les humains. Voir mon site internet. Sans l’aide d’autrui on ne peut pas réaliser de grande choses.

  2. The most difficult test to pass for EU will be its resolution of one, united and effective politics to Russia. In our western countries most of the people underestimated this issue. I hope that after the Georgia incident significant number of European residents will notice significance for such an effort.

    If we will not unify, our dream, and consecutively we as entity will perish.

    Petr Skupa
    Czech Republic

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