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Hello everyone,
my name is Chiara,i’m 18 and i’m italian.
i would suggest to all the webmasters of the european portals to send e-mails with informations about the European Parliament,about the international camps,about the information which is SO POOR!!
I discovered this site casually,and i think it’s soo bad.You should send an e-mail in every language to all the european citizens who have an e-mail.Just to reinforce the INFORMATION.I think ignorance kills,so if we are aware about our life in the european union,we can make a change,we make a mobilization.

I perfectly know it’s complicated,but i think it’s the most effective way to achieve people’s attention!

In this newsletter we should have the translation in every language,and all the links for the most important site of the European Community.

I hope somebody is listening my voice,i need your help.WE CAN MAKE A CHANGE.
I can do the italian translation.

Let me know as soon as possible,

Chiara Palieri

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  1. Chiara, this sounds like a brilliant idea in theory but I doubt that it can actually be done.

    The EU institutions have not got the email addresses of all European citizens and moreover I don’t think they can just send out information randomly without the consent of the people who they are emailing. It would probably be classified as spam.

  2. Hi Fabian,
    sorry i don’t agree with you.Spam or not,the email system is the best mean to attract people’s attention.For istance,Here in italy the Ministry of the Environment send quite often informative emails about the italian condition concerning the environment and global consumption.
    Do you know why my idea it’s so difficult to realize?Because the government needs ignorant mass of people.Youth is dangerous,youth is the power.Young people are the tomorrow decisions makers of tomorrow.
    Well,i strongly believe that it’s possible,at least we could try.

    We always say that the EU do a lot for young people but it’s a bit unrealistic if YOUNG PEOPLE DON’T JOIN THIS EVENTS.NOT BECAUSE THEY DON’T CARE BUT JUST BECAUSE THEY DON’T KNOW.
    Despite my young age (18)I’m a very active person at the european level:i won the charlemagne youth prize competition for italy,i was the first italian parliamentarian in the european science parliament and i’ve been selected to represent italy in the Golbal Changemakers Forum,which is a global forum located in London.There have been selected 60 people from all around the WORLD.I’m one of those 60.Out of those 60,there will be elected 6 people to go to the World Economic Forum in Davos.
    Well,do you think i’m the only active person in italy?Of course not!there million of guys over here who would love to join these events.They can’t because they don’t know.

    i’m not a dreamer.A mailing list for all the young people in europe is possible.

    it’s just that nobody cares about it.


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